plumBid: your optimizer.

A new concept brought to you by Deasy Penner Podley

A completely transparent and objective way to buy and sell property, plumBid delivers a new level of efficiency to both buyers and sellers. plumBid takes the traditional way you work with a real estate brokerage and adds the advantages you’d get if you were to sell via auction.

It does this through a powerful bidding platform called the plumBid Optimizer. Its robust online bidding engine gives everyone involved more control over the process than they’ve ever had before.

Sellers can decide the terms that are most important to them–pricing, size of cash down payment, length of escrow, even inspection details. plumBid spares buyers from the uncertainty that has always been one of the biggest headaches of home buying. Buyers no longer have to contend with multiple offers, bidding wars and not knowing what the seller really wants. And if you’re not an all-cash buyer, plumBid delivers a foolproof way to ensure your offer is considered fairly. Letting buyers adjust specifics of price, financing, escrow and inspection terms, plumBid takes the guesswork out of placing the most competitive offer.

Distilling and refining traditional methods, the plumBid platform orchestrates the entire process, and puts buyers and sellers somewhere they rarely get to be — on the same page.

Contact me and we can discuss if plumBid is right for you.

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